Bluefield Shrine Club

We are selling Shriner's Sweet Vidalia Onions again this year!
Onions are from Folsom Farms in Glennville, GA
and loaded them on our truck from the grower who bagged them for us.
Grown in the USA! (Vidalia Onions are ONLY grown in southern Georgia)
We expect delivery around May 1st.

Vidalia Onion Recipes
Our price is $10.00 for a 10 pound bag.
See any Bluefield Shriner and get your onions, or click the order button below, or phone 304-487-3724.
Thank you all for your support. 
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Onion sales are a fund raiser to support the Bluefield Shrine Patrol.
and as such they are NOT a tax deductible item.
Bluefield Shrine Onion Sale
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