Shriner's Children's Hospital at Lexington
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New Lexington Hospital Construction
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Existing Shriner's Hospital for Children - Lexington, KY

New Shriner's Hospital for Children Medical Center on the University of Kentucky Health Care Campus - 110 Conn Terrace, Lexington
(Under Construction)
New Lexington Hospital Brochure

Shows the level of donations given to the Shriner's Hospital

This is the board at the Lexington Hospital where the donors are named with their emblem showing their level of giving.

This is the board showing the donations given to the Cincinnati Shriner's Hospital.

Picture hanging at the Lexington Hospital showing the evolution of the Shriner's Hospital at Lexington

The Cafeteria at Lexington Hospital

The Recreational Therapy room at Lexington Hospital

The Reception area at Lexington Hospital at Christmas time

The toy room in the reception area at Lexington

The Recreational Therapy room at Lexington

The cafeteria dining area at Lexington

The statue at the Shriner's Children's Hospital at Lexington with the Beni Kedem Clowns

The Beni Kedem Clowns on their visit to Lexington Hospital

A Beni Kedem Clown spending time with a child at Lexington Hospital

"Mr. Bill" Gordon. Transportation Coordinator for Beni Kedem Shrine Temple